About Us

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Determining medium and long-term strategies  and policies within the framework of annual program, government program and national development strategies and policies, and conducting necessary work to determine their objectives,
  2. Developing performance and quality criteria on issues within the scope of the administration's activities and carrying out other duties to be assigned in this regard,
  3. Collecting, analyzing and interpreting data related to performance, and improving administration and services,
  4. Examining the external factors that affect services, conducting in-house capacity researches, analyzing the effectiveness and satisfaction level of services and do general researches on issues within the scope of the administration's activities,
  5. Performing services related to administrative information systems
  6. Carrying out the secretarial services of the Strategy Development Board, if established in the administration,
  7. Coordinating preparation of  the administration's strategic plan and performance program and carrying out results' consolidation process,
  8. Preparing the administrative budget for the upcoming two years, including budget estimates in accordance with strategic plans and annual performance program, monitoring and assessing compliance of administrative activities with them,
  9. Preparing a detailed expenditure program within the framework of budget principles and principals to be determined by legislation, and sending appropriation to relevant units by taking into account service requirements,
  10. Keeping records of the budget, collecting and evaluating data on the results of budget implementation, and preparing the budget final account and financial statistics,
  11. Realizing administrative incomes within the framework of relevant legislation, following and collecting receivables,
  12. Carrying out accounting services at administrations outside the scope of the general budget,
  13. Preparing an activity report by taking into account activity reports of the expenditure units,
  14. Organizing condensed statements about estates and assets of the university in possession and use of the university,
  15. Coordinating  preparation of the administration's investment program, monitoring implementation results, and preparing annual investment evaluation report,
  16. Conducting and concluding financial businesses and transactions to be followed up from other administrations
  17. Providing necessary information to and counseling the senior administrator and expenditure authorities on financial issues and enforcement of legislation,
  18. Carrying out preliminary financial control activity,
  19. Working on establishment of the internal control system, implementation and development of standards, making necessary preparations to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the function of senior administration on internal audit,and
  20. Carrying out other duties to be assigned by the Director and/or senior administrator

Our mission is to set methods and rules that will ensure the efficiency of financial services, performance based budgeting and accounting process of University.

Our vision aims to improve and develop the financial services and strategies by principles of accountability and fiscal transperency.